About Me

About Me

Sam-TurnerBecoming a therapist has been a natural progression for me. For many years I was extremely self-analytical, always trying to understand myself. It worked to a certain extent I understood myself more but not much changed within. I was aware I had reactions to situations and people that didn’t serve me but could never move on from this until I began to gently work with the subtle energies that are part of my personality. I started to realise that there were reasons why I felt uncomfortable at times and the reasons were due to my past experiences. This realisation bought hope and a deep interest into exploring my inner world further.  I have met many wonderful teachers and gained insights into myself and life for which I am truly grateful. I have a passionate love for working with people in which I offer a safe space for them to gently explore their own inner world.

Qualification and Experience

I am qualified therapist, with experience in personal development, bereavement, and addiction counselling. I work with a gentle integrative approach, using different skills I have acquired and trained for over the years. In a session I may also use body awareness, visualisation, relaxation and grounding exercises to help my clients find there internal strength to help them become aware of and move through their limiting patterns that have stopped them from moving on.


Dip. Counselling
Voice Dialogue
Bereavement Counselling
Addiction Counselling

The Way I Work

I don’t work in one particular way, but I trust my intuition to help me use the skills I have developed uniquely for each individual. I allow the client to lead me and therefore lean more towards the person centered approach. I also have a passion for psycho-synthesis in which we work towards bringing all the parts of the personality back into connection, giving the client more energy as they become more aligned with their authentic self. I utilize elements of the Voice Dialogue method in which a client can learn to become more aware of their own energy system and the way their personality functions.

Therapy can bring awareness to patterns of behavior that no longer serve us, and through that awareness comes choice, and only with choice can we choose to make the changes that benefit our lives.